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Claudia's office hour: topic � working with mixed age groups of 13-17 year olds AND 18+ 6.15.07

[9:33] You: hello [9:33] Birdie Newcomb: Ah, there's Claudia. [9:33] Sarty Beck: Claudia hereself! [9:33] Smittyguy Torok: hello [9:34] Sarty Beck: Birdie... [9:34] You: how's everyone today? [9:34] Smittyguy Torok: doing well [9:34] Sarty Beck: You've got really good points..go ahead [9:34] Birdie Newcomb: So, wwe were starting to talk about the issue of the divide. [9:34] Smittyguy Torok: last day of school - VERY WELL [9:35] Birdie Newcomb: And I understand the teens themselves ahve been speaking up [9:35] You: I was following some of your dialogue on the SLEDT list. [9:35] You: Yes, teens organized a really great Unification walk on mainland of TSL. [9:35] Birdie Newcomb: I think I'm the one on the college side. Most thers I've read seem to be on the Teen Grid. [9:36] Birdie Newcomb: I just got a renter working to develop Teen Grid material for educators, and [9:36] Birdie Newcomb: taht got me involved. [9:36] You: Birdie, let me tell you a little about the current transfer process for teens from teen grid to main grid. [9:36] Birdie Newcomb: The turing 18 has got to happen right in the middle of a lot of peple's senior year of high school. [9:37] Birdie Newcomb: Which makes it really awkward. [9:37] Smittyguy Torok: I'll have some 12 yr olds in the beginnin gof my year... [9:37] Birdie Newcomb: For a while, I've been working on how to bridge the gap between high school and college [9:37] You: Believe me, if anyone is aware of this, I am. But I'd like you to understand the current process so we can discuss solutions. When teens turn [9:38] Birdie Newcomb: It's definitely a transition period [9:38] Birdie Newcomb: Yes, that's what I came to hear. [9:41] You: 18, they receive an email telling them to prepare for the move (many teens on TSL mainland own land and need to sell that.) In the email, they are asked to IM Blue Linden or Claudia Linden when they have crossed the Great Water to the other side. We then invite them to the Teen Transfer Group and they are given the opportunity to use Baffin as their home base. Baffin has a replica of the Coffee Scene cafe on teen grid. It has been the spot of many transfer welcome parties. I will give you a landmark. They receive a notecard with suggestions for places to visit (open for suggestions on additions to this). [9:41] You: I will give you each a copy of the notecard. [9:42] Birdie Newcomb: OK, that'd be great. [9:42] Geck Webb: yes thanks [9:42] You: We recognize that many classes have students with teens turning 18 in the middle of class. [9:42] Birdie Newcomb: Baffin. Who handles that? [9:43] You: It would be possible to teach a class with 18 year olds in Baffin...we can talk about that. But we have been working to set up a space on Campus on main grid for students who have transferred and for their teachers. [9:43] Birdie Newcomb: Good for continuation. [9:43] You: Yes. [9:44] You: Other educators have used two other alternatives if they have a lot of 18+ year olds. [9:44] You: They have created their own permanent space on MG or they have gone ahead and background checked their 18+ year olds. [9:45] Birdie Newcomb: Why a background check? [9:45] You: Schome Park on TG and Schome Base on MG is an example of the first solution : two grids. SP and SB are projects of Open University in UK. [9:45] Geck Webb: HOw does the first option help if you have a mixed group (18 and under 18) [9:46] Geck Webb: to birdie: bkgrd check so they can have an adult avatar on TG that is a pproved for the teaching space/island only [9:46] Sarty Beck: I know this is a basic question, but how does one sign up to be background checked to get in TSL. DO I need to submit lesson plans? [9:47] You: people are beginning to employ SLOODLE to unite the class. One of the two developers of SLOODLE just got his background check so he can support projects on TG who want to use SLOODLE. [9:47] Birdie Newcomb: So it's not the 18 year olds that are background checked, just the adults [9:47] You: I realize this is not ideal, but then nothing ever we work to find creative solutions and workarounds. [9:47] Sarty Beck: That sloodle option would provide continuity [9:47] Birdie Newcomb: Sloodle seems like a good immediate solution. [9:47] Geck Webb: to the 18 yr old students are then treated as adults...just still int he calss [9:48] You: Some projects with many 18+ year olds do actually choose the option of background checking their teens - then those teens can be on TG [9:48] You: Is that clear? [9:48] Birdie Newcomb: OH, I see. [9:48] Geck Webb: Is there any flexibility What are the limitations of an approved adult avatar? [9:48] Birdie Newcomb: They go back and forth [9:48] Geck Webb: is my understanding that they are 'stuck' in one local [9:49] You: Long range, there is discussion about creating an area on MG for all ages to interact. This is still a ways away. So in the meantime, these are the approaches available. [9:49] You: Birdie, I'm not clear on your question: Birdie Newcomb: They go back and forth [9:49] Birdie Newcomb: Does that mean months? Years? [9:50] You: In first case I mentioned: two grid solution, no they do not go back and forth between grids. Educators are using Sloodle to connect the two grids. [9:50] Birdie Newcomb: Oh, I meant that the 18s can come back to the Teen Grid [9:50] Geck Webb: to birdie: no two diff avatars....1 MG and one apprved for TG [9:51] You: So teens can interact but they are on separate grids. Did you see the event Barry Joseph did on TG/MG with Sloodle with author James Paul Gee? Was really great. [9:51] Birdie Newcomb: I missed that. [9:51] You: Thanks, Geck, yes, 2 avs. [9:51] Geck Webb: Was good...but since it was so visual felt like I was only heairng 1/2 the conversation [9:51] Sarty Beck: IS it on [9:51] Birdie Newcomb: He has some good ideas, such as, learn from the digital natives -- the teens [9:52] Smittyguy Torok: that's my goal [9:52] Smittyguy Torok: with th e8th gradders [9:52] You: Well, please bear in mind, that was a first. We are all just learning how to use Sloodle effectively. [9:52] You: We'll all improve. [9:52] Birdie Newcomb: And Sloodle is still develping. [9:52] You: They received a grant to develop it further so expect to see cool capabilities [9:53] Birdie Newcomb: So, a class on Sloodle is just fine, with mixed teens and adults? [9:53] Geck Webb: Any talk of other LMS creating links buioding blocks with BB or into the chat of elluminate, or the chat of angel, etc...? [9:53] Birdie Newcomb: No background checks needed? [9:53] You: On your previous question, Birdie, months, not years. [9:53] You: Smittyguy and Sarty, what are you working on on TG? [9:53] Birdie Newcomb: Good. [9:54] Sarty Beck: I'm not in yet. I'd like to get there. How do I sign up for a background check? [9:54] Smittyguy Torok: I'm planning on settin gup an area for my Digital ARt classes [9:54] Smittyguy Torok: I'm not in yet either [9:54] Smittyguy Torok: an d to pilot the whole idea fo rother subjects [9:54] Sarty Beck: Eventually, I'm interested in getting a HS psychology class to do some surveys on avatar creation/modification from teh digital natives [9:54] You: I don't think the Sloodle event was covered by [9:55] Smittyguy Torok: my district IT people want to knwo if students will have access from home [9:55] You: Great. Please send me descriptions of your [9:56] Smittyguy Torok: ok [9:56] You: I will send you emails with all details on background checks, etc. [9:56] Geck Webb: Great.... [9:56] Birdie Newcomb: I gather that the Linden Lab side of things is mainly concerned with legal issues -- not educational. [9:56] Sarty Beck: Will do. Would you prefer we use sloodle? [9:56] Birdie Newcomb: And technical [9:56] You: Yes, you can access from any computer, home or school. [9:57] Smittyguy Torok: ag ok [9:57] You: Birdie, I would say that is definitely not the case...Linden Lab is very interested in education. These office hours of mine and my work with educators in Second Life and on teen grid is an example of that. [9:58] You: You notice that I was following the conversation on SLEDT list and initiated this meeting to discuss the mixed age issues with you. [9:58] Birdie Newcomb: OK. I'm strictly interested in the educational aspect, and I tend to ignore political realities or technical impossibilities [9:59] You: Sarty, not sure what you are asking about - give more context please [9:59] You: Hi Zen. [9:59] You: Welcome. [9:59] Birdie Newcomb: So someone needs to remind me about issues that I don't realize are important. [9:59] Birdie Newcomb: Such as background checks. [9:59] Zen Maktoum: hi [9:59] Sarty Beck: I was just wondering if we incorporated Sloodle up front if the educational value would be appreciated more by Claudia Linden. :) [10:00] Geck Webb: Birdie...that is often what helps to push the long as everyone is willing to talk....which Claudia keep pushing at the things which can help all of us and stay in the conversation:) [10:00] You: Well that's good. That's what it takes, Birdie--not letting anything stop you. [10:00] Birdie Newcomb: We might even initiate a Sloodle group, that is, us on Sloodle. [10:00] Birdie Newcomb: They don't have to be classes. [10:00] You: Sarty, there are many educators doing amazing things without Sloodle. [10:00] Birdie Newcomb: Oh, oh, that means I'll have to get my Sloodle up and running [10:00] Geck Webb: Claudia I had another policy ?? about projectso n TG.... [10:00] You: I mentioned Sloodle because it does provide a creative solution to mixed age group issues. [10:01] You: Sure Geck. [10:01] Geck Webb: Is there additioonal flexibility when having a closed private island on TG? [10:01] Sarty Beck: OK, thanks. I'm sure I'll figure out sloodle, but that is good to know. [10:01] You: Ah, good question. [10:02] You: Let's say there are unique sets of flexibilities for closed and open islands. [10:02] Sarty Beck: I'm excited ay the ISTE and other educator conversations about rigor in SL. People don't want to appear to be "playing" in SL, but they want very badly to be "teaching" in SL. Birdie, you are a prime example by what you've said. [10:02] Birdie Newcomb: What about a closed island on the Main Grid? [10:02] You: In the closed island model, adults can easily form groups, IM and exchange objects with teens. But teens cannot travel back and forth to TG mainland. [10:03] Smittyguy Torok: that's what I'll need [10:03] You: In open island model (like Eye4You Alliance library project), teens can freely travel back and forth. [10:04] Geck Webb: Yes...we ran a pilot this spring and discovered limits of closed ...AccelerateNation--- I am taking over for Jeix [10:04] Zen Maktoum: can some one tell me how to sit down for gods sake! [10:04] Birdie Newcomb: I'm getting a better picture of the current situation. [10:04] You: They have used teen volunteers there a lot and have figured out how to manage in spite of other limitations. It really depends on what you want to do. [10:04] Wavewalker Cortes: right click and choose sit [10:04] Birdie Newcomb: But it would be nice to continue the conversation [10:04] Geck Webb: with a closed, private...any flexibility with the 18+ student issue? [10:05] You: sorry, backing up and reading comments and questions. sec please. [10:06] You: Birdie, we can't currently do a closed island on the Main Grid? [10:07] You: This has to do with safety in event of crashes. [10:07] You: Teens could find themselves rerouted to other regions. [10:07] Geck Webb: BUt the owner of the idland could set restrictions to a group...right? That would effectively do the same thing on the MG. [10:08] Birdie Newcomb: OK, -- that's what I mean about issues I wouldn't have thought about [10:08] Geck Webb: oh wouldn't keep people on the island...caged:) [10:08] You: I imagine you have all found yourselves rerouted on occasion... [10:09] Birdie Newcomb: Nice to get a warning, though 8=) [10:09] You: Smittyguy, you say that's what I'll need: which were you referencing, open or closed? What capabilities? [10:10] Birdie Newcomb: And I can get some housework done on Wednesday mornings :-) [10:10] You: Birdie I liked your thoughts on bridge you mentioned on list...Baffin is our attempt at a bridge. Definitely more could be done. [10:10] Smittyguy Torok: closed - my district is concerned about studetns sharing paswords and creating havoc [10:10] Birdie Newcomb: I'd like to look them up. [10:10] Birdie Newcomb: Who is the contact person? [10:11] You: Go to and click on TOS and Community Standards at bottom of page. Print these and show these to your admin and of course to teens. Teens violating these can be banned. [10:11] Smittyguy Torok: ah ok [10:11] You: Baffin is Linden owned land. No one to look up. Just go visit. [10:11] Birdie Newcomb: OK, will do. [10:12] Birdie Newcomb: I'm glad someone thought of it [10:12] Sarty Beck: Need to eat. I'll e-mail my lessons idea Claudia, thank you so much [10:13] Geck Webb accepted your inventory offer. [10:13] Birdie Newcomb accepted your inventory offer. [10:13] Sarty Beck accepted your inventory offer. [10:13] You: no problem [10:13] You: Zen you're quiet. Are you working on a teen grid project? [10:14] Smittyguy Torok accepted your inventory offer. [10:15] You: The notecard is the card teens receive when they transfer. Open to suggestions on new locations if you have any. We tried to provide a range of things just to get them going....there are kiosks on Baffin with newspapers, etc. [10:15] You: and lots of teen building. [10:16] You: Birdie, can you tell me a little about what you're trying to do and what you'd like to be able to do? [10:16] You: Hi Wavewalker. Didn't see you there. Are you here for the educators meeting? [10:17] Zen Maktoum: Claudia, can I say that what i'm trying to do is expolre the opportunities for engaging online distance learners in Sl tutorials or seminar groups [10:17] Wavewalker Cortes: yes, I'm new to sl but see the possibilities for using this with my students [10:17] Birdie Newcomb: I'm the owner of an educaiton island, Belle Isle -- and I find myself working with educators rather than students. [10:17] You: Great Zen. are you a member of the SLED list? [10:17] Birdie Newcomb: Some are renters, but I've set up a Beach Teacher Collective for independent educators, [10:17] Zen Maktoum: No, what is the SLED list? [10:18] Birdie Newcomb: who are adventurous, or without institutional backing. [10:18] Birdie Newcomb: A quarter of the island is deeded to the Collective. [10:18] You: And are you a member of SLED WaveW? 3200+ members. Quite a community - join and introduce yourself. Sec and I'll grab you the link. [10:18] Birdie Newcomb: Some conversations with a renter and others made me connect with the teen plight. [10:18] You: (Keep writing Birdie, I'll be back in Sec) and will reply to you. [10:18] Birdie Newcomb: My own interests are the first two years of college, [10:18] Birdie Newcomb: and college prep, which is [10:18] Birdie Newcomb: not what it should be. [10:19] You: join sled here: [10:19] Birdie Newcomb: So, I guess I'm mainly concerned to find ways to make the transition work better. [10:19] Wavewalker Cortes: claudia, i'm on the teen educators list [10:19] Birdie Newcomb: There's the same kind of disconnect in RL at that age [10:19] Birdie Newcomb: as there is in SL. [10:19] You: be sure to introduce yourself. (sign up for digest. lots of traffic) [10:19] You: and here is the SLEDT list for educators working with 13-17 year olds: [10:20] You: [10:20] Birdie Newcomb: I'm a small college publisher, not a professional educator, but over the years, I've developed some ideas [10:20] Birdie Newcomb: that are not strictly academic, but have to do with trusting the students [10:20] Birdie Newcomb: It's rather open -ended, and putting it all together is a task. [10:21] Birdie Newcomb: I just see a need, and am looking for a way to fill it that works for verybody [10:21] You: I completely agree....they definitely need support in transition. [10:21] You: rites of passage. [10:21] Birdie Newcomb: Owning an island opens up possibilities for me that I don't hav ein RL. [10:21] Birdie Newcomb: So I think mor broadly than most, I suppose. [10:21] You: I'd love to visit your education island some time. [10:21] Smittyguy Torok: me too [10:22] Smittyguy Torok: I'm a broad thinker too... [10:22] Birdie Newcomb: You'd be weelcome. I tried to make a setting, a semi-rural place, with a little commercial area (so far just one art shop person [10:22] Birdie Newcomb: We have a soccer field, a harbor, surfable waves. [10:22] Birdie Newcomb: College life, as much as possible. [10:22] You: So I'm curious - can you say more about the "teen plight" ? [10:22] Wavewalker Cortes: claudia, in order for a teen to enroll in tsl they need to verify with a mobile phone account or paypal, correct? are there any other ways? [10:23] Wavewalker Cortes: birdie, you have surfable waves! [10:23] Birdie Newcomb: So does Virtual Bacon [10:23] Wavewalker Cortes: surf boards too? [10:23] Birdie Newcomb: They acrually work, though I haven't quite got the knack yet [10:23] Geck Webb: good ?, wavewalker..... [10:23] Birdie Newcomb: Some work with the waves. [10:23] You: Ah WaveW, currently paypal is not working nor is credit card so mobile phone is it. we are working on this one. we realize it is a problem. [10:24] Birdie Newcomb: Heather Goodliffe is the wavemaker [10:24] Wavewalker Cortes: yeah, we have no mobile phones in the rural area I live/work in [10:24] Birdie Newcomb: Bummer [10:25] You: Well, if you own an estate, you can work with a TG approved developer using reg API to make bulk accounts. in fact, on closed estate, this is necessary. that avoids mobile phone reg issue [10:26] You: I didn't mention the mixed estate: open and closed in a sense. [10:26] Geck Webb: is there any conversation around schools being able to authentic students as TG users? ie---they become an authenticating organization and then send you the list...or simply utilize the API..... [10:26] Zen Maktoum: Thanksfor all that, bye [10:26] Geck Webb: We did the closed island thing and wokred ok...but means that we lose the power of connecting with other teens from around the world. [10:26] You: Some estates might be open to teens from TSL mainland, but work with their own group of teens with avs locked on the estate so they can easily group, IM, exchange objects. [10:27] Geck Webb: our teens would have loved to go over to globalkids or some other place and just see/talk with them [10:27] You: Those same teens could also have TSL accounts to go back and forth. As you can see, there are creative workarounds. And I'm sure you will think of some yourselves. [10:27] Geck Webb: *nods* it would be our students stay home....but can invite friends over:) [10:27] Wavewalker Cortes: so if I'm on a island in the teen grid there is a process whereby I can enroll a whole group of students? [10:27] Geck Webb: That could work. [10:28] You: A few schools with VERY (did I say VERY??) VERY VERY tech savvy staff are using regAPI. [10:29] You: It is not straightforward and we don't have the bandwidth to teach everyone how to use it or troubleshoot problems. [10:29] You: There are a few TG devs offering the service for schools, educators on TG. [10:29] You: We recommend that people budget that expense into their projects in the closed estate model. [10:29] Geck Webb: We are fortunate enough to be a state-governed service agency to schools and so have some technical expertise on staff. We are then helping our districts impliment SL and are the ones managing TG accounts for them....just the beginning of that though. [10:30] Birdie Newcomb: Is that looming large in the future? [10:30] Birdie Newcomb: Do you expect many to be using it? [10:30] Geck Webb: Our developer said that creating the API was pretty easy...once he had read all the documentation from Linden. [10:30] You: Geck, your students could create second accounts in TSL to travel to GKids and mainland. [10:31] Geck Webb: Claudia, yes...but then we ran into the no cell phones in rural area/not wanting to 'share' cell phone #'s online. [10:31] You: ah yep. problem. [10:31] Geck Webb: Some of the students did do that though... [10:31] You: hopefully we'll have other options on future. can't promise time line. [10:31] Geck Webb: It just can't be the 'official' policy [10:32] Birdie Newcomb: And some people call this a game... [10:32] Birdie Newcomb: It's a lot of work [10:32] You: Even in tech savvy case, wise to budget for consulting time from TG dev who uses regAPI, to help you get up to speed. [10:32] Geck Webb: anything new is birdie...but that is the fun if having fun means it is a game...then I am going to just keep playing:) [10:33] Birdie Newcomb: Oh, I didn't say I'm not having fun. [10:33] Birdie Newcomb: It's part of my life now. [10:33] You: Linden Lab does not call it a game. :D [10:33] Smittyguy Torok: yeah - part of my life - weird wild stuff [10:33] You: We actually try to educate the press that it is not a game. [10:33] Birdie Newcomb: Well, you get paid for it. [10:33] Geck Webb: birdie...I think anyone who has followed your posts/blog...knows you are having fun (by the way thanks for being a forerunner here for the rest of us!! [10:34] You: ;D Was educator in Second Life long before working here. [10:34] Birdie Newcomb: ty [10:34] Birdie Newcomb: Hadn't though t of it that way [10:34] You: And in many virtual worlds before that. [10:35] Birdie Newcomb: Well, I'm about talked out. [10:35] You: Well, I have enjoyed speaking with you all. I will post the transcript to SLEDT for those who could not attend. Are you all ok with that? [10:35] Birdie Newcomb: Can we do this again sometime? [10:35] Birdie Newcomb: Maybe once a month? [10:35] Smittyguy Torok: sure [10:35] Geck Webb: np [10:35] You: If not, I can edit your chat out. [10:35] Wavewalker Cortes: yes [10:36] Birdie Newcomb: OK [10:36] You: I try to hold office hours every few weeks. Always announce it on SLEDT in advance. [10:36] Smittyguy Torok: sounds like fun [10:36] Birdie Newcomb: That'd work. [10:36] You: Feel free to send me updates on your projects as you move forward. And I look forward to hearing from Smittyguy and Geck. [10:36] Geck Webb: email already in your inbox:) [10:37] Smittyguy Torok: this'l be my sumer job [10:37] Smittyguy Torok: SL immersion [10:37] Birdie Newcomb: Thanks for getting us together, Claudia [10:37] You: Birdie, have a visit to Baffin. Let's talk more about helping teens transition. [10:37] Birdie Newcomb: It was -- somewhat -- enlightening. [10:37] You: My pleasure. [10:37] Geck Webb: yes thanks for being the educators voice, Claudia...appreciate it. [10:37] Birdie Newcomb: Also raised questions, possibilities. Love it. [10:37] You: Educators (and educational publishers ;D ) in SL are awesome!! [10:37] Wavewalker Cortes: good to meet you all, bye [10:38] Smittyguy Torok: yes -see you all later [10:38] Geck Webb: ok...back to the chaos that is my 1st life. [10:38] You: farewell. til the next.